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can someone explain the whole “corn” thing please

they’re just trolls and spammers. ignore ‘em.

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"ok i’m gonna actually play it this time and not hit ESC halfway through night 1"

*freddy flashes onto screen before the phone call even ends*

"never mind"


i made a fan design of the guy on the phone bc i am weird and pathetic 

i imagine he’s a young jittery guy who got stuck in the job trying to pay off college loans…he’s optimistic despite his situation, but is still often anxious. he has a lot of injuries from dealing with freddy and pals :3c

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"Fnaf shouldn’t kill people"

"Its just pixel animatrons why are people so freaked out?"

"Its just a bear"

"Jumpscares don’t kill people"

Fuck you.

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" Now, you youngsters run along and have quieter sexy times " - Erwin

Petra x Auruo // Erwin x Levi + PowerPuff Girls Style (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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what if you woke up and found your blogtitle tattooed on your body

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how can i make it clearer i don’t want to talk to u. stop texting me.

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Here’s the deal. I NEED to move out. [Please read/reblog/donate.]


[Thank you everyone for the support and reblogs, let’s keep going til we hit the donation goal!!! \(OvO)// Reblogging this post is a great help to me. Thank you!!!] 

Total donation amount: $548.05 USD out of $2,500 USD. 

READ THIS PLEASE. (Abuse tw, depression tw, suicide tw.)

I NEED to move out.

I’m becoming more & more depressed. I NEED to move out, because of where I live right now, is toxic and is making me depressed. But, to move out, I need money. Sadly, I don’t have any money or a job at all, and I can’t get one, because I’m so depressed & stressed out all the time. I’m also becoming agoraphobic, because of my depression. This is my last hope. I don’t have anywhere else to go. 

My fundraiser is here. Also, you can donate by the Paypal donate button on my blog under the ‘about me’. I would like to move out in a month or two. The sooner, the better.


Thank you to everyone reblogging this. Also: thanks to iguanamouthheadfirstintowonderlandmeowstically & brightgreencrayon, the-death-of-lemonsnout, moon-princen, glubbingjellyfish, peculiarbanana, ayameshiroi, yuulru, corruptedinside for donating to me. Also, thank you to the people who donated $100 to my fundraiser. Thank you! 

I’ll post pictures (when and if) I get my new apartment.

Total donation amount: $548.05 USD out of $2,500 USD. 

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[TW: homophobia, ableism specifically against autistics, violence] Gay autistic murdered, killer gets only 3.5 years in prison







Turns out you can set a gay autistic teenager on fire on purpose, leading to his death, and only get 3.5 years in prison, and have that sentence kept to only 3.5 years even when it’s appealed to try and make it a bit more appropriate. Jesus fucking Christ.

Holy fuck. I feel ill.

That is how much this young man’s life was worth. Three and a half years.

People are getting more jail time for possession than for a blatant hate crime! What the fuck is even happening?! AND IT’S NOT LIKE THERE IS ANY WAY YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY LIGHT SOMEONE ON FUCKING FIRE! THIS POOR GUY FUCKING SUFFERED!

1) Dudes who did it were almost certainly white. Otherwise: throw the book at ‘em.

2) Kid was gay=had it coming. 

3) Kid was autistic=had it coming. 

4) People who get more time for possession are almost uniformly not-white. 

The very very sad truth of our legal system. There is no justice for all. Just rich white dudes mostly. 

Illegal possession of marijuana = Degenerate criminal!!

Illegally downloading music = Degenerate criminal!!

Selling alcohol/tobacco to a (willing) minor = Degenerate criminal!!

Dispensing porn to a (willing) minor = Degenerate criminal!!

Homophobic crime = Not a big deal!!

Neurotypicalistic crime = Not a big deal!!

Misogynistic crime = Not a big deal!!

Racist crime = Not a big deal!!

Anyway see what’s wrong with this picture?! *shakes head*